Library Media Center

Our Vision

Appealing to the interests of all learners, the St. Albert the Great Library Media Center will foster a love for life-long reading and the quest for information through research and creating bravely. The space will cater to active engagement through collaboration and hands-on learning driven by inquiry. Our community of learners will model respect through positive interdependence, individual accountability, plus equal and simultaneous interaction to create a living library of active communicators and thinkers.

Do you know your inner creator? We can create friendships, happiness, and love, but we can also master the art of creation. God began with a blank canvas.

“In the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate. The raging ocean that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness, and the power of God was moving over the water.”

Genesis 1: 1-2

He creates bravely and we will, too.

The artful creators God sets before us inspire in many forms…

Skyscrapers, bridges, art, books, buildings, websites, companies, and so much more!

What will you create? You can start creating on your own at Camp Wonderopolis!

Our 2018 Mission
Inspired by purposefully selected objective-oriented mentor texts, technology resources, and aesthetic reading, St. Albert the Great students will become creators through the process of inquiry, collaboration, and engagement through STREAM- Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Library Staff

Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Carrie Brown

Twitter: @stalbertlib


Our Schedule

Students visit the library as a class once a week and are encouraged to stop by on their own during FLEX times.

Check Out

Students with nothing overdue may check out books for one week at a time. A book may be renewed for an additional week if the book is brought back in.

Kindergarten: 1 Book

Grades 1-8: 2 Books

If a book is lost or damaged, the cost to replace it will be charged.

Library World

To search for books in our library, follow this link:

When prompted, enter ST ALBERT. (No period after ST, and no password needed)

Resources for you! (Links)

Start reading and thinking creatively!: Recommended reading & project starters

Wonderopolis: Explore creatively

Storyline Online: Listen to reading

Reading for Research: Read to be a writer!

Louisville Free Public Library: Research & Read widely

Kentucky Bluegrass Award Lists: More recommended reading

The following reading programs allow interested students have access to reading materials that correlate with their independent reading levels:

Epic Digital Library: Read even wider!

AR Book Finder

AR Book Connect