Staff Email

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Principal Bernadette Cooper Assistant Principal Tom Simms
Administrative Asst. Nancy Wimsatt Office Assistant Pam Smith
Counselor Stacie Short Special Needs Coord. Mary Heather Adam
Cafeteria Mgr. Sharon Grider Director of Technology Bill Henderson



KA Ann Colvin Candy Sells
KB Lisa Hermes Brigette Eades
KC Martha Troncone Missy Gootee
First Grade
1A Jamie Brauner Amy Baker
1B Mary Borho Jenny Mefford
1C Margie DeMuth Taylor Deibel
Second Grade
2A Lynn Barger
2B Allison French Dana Sawyer 
2C Lindsay Finley Debbie Wilson-Dodd
Third Grade
3A Nancy Leopold Janice Bohannon
3B Michelle Doheny
3C Laura Shircliff Becky Becht
Fourth Grade
4A Maygan Echsner Clo Taylor (3rd/4th)
4B Teri Rosenbaum
4C Debbie Abbott
Fifth Grade
5A Ellen Burton Diane Cambron (5th-8th)
5B Grace Duckworth Becky Fry (5th-8th)
5C Mary Gates
Sixth Grade
6A Emily Griffin Diane Cambron (5-8th)
6B Tiffany Noe Becky Fry (5-8th)
6C Lynne Reid
Seventh Grade
7A – Science & Religion Kristyn Bowman Diane Cambron (5-8th)
7B – Spanish Jackie Eovino Becky Fry (5th-8th)
7C Morgan Tutt
7th Literature Lucy Geerer
Eighth Grade
8A Christina Effinger Diane Cambron (5th-8th)
8B Pam Boone Becky Fry (5th-8th)
8C Kitty Wagner
Special Areas
Art Mindy Masterson
Computer Erich Kline
Music Charlotte Peake
Physical Education Vince Muchow
Spanish Marta Villasenor (2nd-5th) Jackie Eovino (6th-8th) Judie Virant (pre-1st)
Library Media Center Kim Koestel Janet Whitten
Reading Recovery Kathy Riley Judie Virant
Preschool Sharon Zdunek
Four Year Olds Kathy Schafer Ashley Wheatley
Three Year Olds Jenny Hubbard  





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