Welcome to Seventh Grade – 7B

Teacher: Jackie Eovino jeovino@stalbert.org

I hope we will have a Great year in Spanish this year. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn the language and the culture of the different Spanish-speaking countries. Because I teach different grade levels, please scroll below to find grade specific information for your student.

Sixth Graders, Seventh Graders, and Eighth Graders:

All students must have a sturdy 1" binder, with at least 5 dividers. Inside the binder students should have a spiral notebook for recording notes and 15 sheets of loose leaf paper at all times.

Grade 6 :

Textbook – Realidades A;

Workbook – Leveled Vocabulary and Grammar Workbook

Grade 7, Grade 8:

Textbook: Realidades 1,

Workbook:Leveled Vocabulary and Grammar Communication Workbook

– Log in to Successnetplus.com to arrive at your class home page. View the tutorials available for instructionson how to navigate your class home page.To reinforce and enhance learning , students can access a wide range of online resources. Resources include the e-Text, textbook and workbook activities, audio files, videos, animations, songs, self-study tools,interactive maps, voice recording (RealTalk!), assessments, and other digital resources.

Grading System

Grade Components:
Tests 40%
Quizzes 25%
Projects 25%
Homework/Classwork 10%

Grading Scale:
93-100 = A
85 – 92 = B
75 – 84 = C
70 – 74 = D
0 -69 = U
Note: This scale is the standard used throughout the Archdiocese of Louisville.

Make – up work:

Absences – Make-up work must be completed within one day for each day absent. It is the student’sresponsibility to obtain assignments and turn in make-up work. Assignments are posted online
(see on stalbert.org website homework – grade 6 – Spanish).
Tests – Students who miss a test due to an excused absence must arrange to take the test before orafter school within one week of return to school.

Classroom Guidelines

  1. Give full attention to designated speaker, whether the teacher, a student, or a guest speaker.
  2. Show respect and kindness to others through your words and actions.
  3. Arrive to class on time and ready to work – with all supplies.
  4. Speak softly when working in groups and always contribute to the group in an attentive and positivemanner.

www.edline.net– check your grades often and turn in your missing work!!

Spanish Book: http://www.successnetplus.com

  • open this website
  • log in with your user name and password provided to you by Sra. Eovino
  • View the tutorials on the class home page.
  • Enjoy all of the wonderful features and resources available through our online textbook!!
  • Please feel free to contact me if ever you have any questions at jeovino@stalbert.org.