Seventh Grade – 7A

Welcome Mrs. Kristyn Bowman to St. Albert the Great! Mrs. Bowman can be reached at

Science, 7th/8th grade

St. Albert the Great

Welcome to Mrs. Bowman’s Science class!

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  1. Students will come to class prepared every day with all materials.
  2. Students will respect the classroom, their teacher, fellow students, and themselves.
  3. Laboratory rules will be followed.
  4. All directions will be followed the first time they are given.
  5. Pencil and blue/black ink only will be used in class. Assignments turned in that have been completed in anything but pencil or blue/black ink will be handed back to the student and must be redone. Pencil must be used on ALL exams. Red pens will be used for classroom grading by students.
  6. All students will remain in their assigned seats unless given permission to move. Seats will be assigned by teacher.
  7. This classroom is not a sports arena. Items should never be thrown, kicked, or otherwise launched across the room. Chairs should remain on the floor at all times.
  8. Students will raise their hands and wait to be called on before yelling out or talking. Please listen to others before responding.
  9. Students will always try their best and put forth full effort on all tasks in the classroom and on all assignments.
  10. SMILE!!! This classroom will be a “no grouch” zone! J

Locker breaks are before morning homeroom, during lunch, and after school. The lockers in 7A do not have room for athletic equipment or large items. All school materials should be stored in lockers. No tape or writing is allowed in or on lockers. Magnets may be used on the inside of the lockers.

Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be determined by both the frequency and severity of the action(s). When necessary, a verbal warning will be given. Parent contact may be warranted. A disciplinary note may be issued, which must be returned the following school day with a parent signature. If detention is assigned, the detention notice must be returned the following day with a parent signature. The office will determine the day of the detention. Please be aware that chewing gum will be an automatic detention. Students may be sent to the principal for repeated or severe infractions. Parent conferences may be requested for severe or repeated violations. Inappropriate behavior reported to Homeroom teacher, occurring outside of class time, may affect Religion Conduct/Effort grade.

Cell phones are NOT allowed in school/classroom. They are to be placed in the AM Homeroom lockbox. Please see student handbook for violation policy.

Cheating/plagiarism will NOT be tolerated in this classroom. Any violation will result in a ZERO on the assignment (including homework, classwork, tests, quizzes, or projects) and there will be NO MAKE UP PERMITTED.

All students are expected to come to class on time. Tardiness is not allowed. Repeated tardy infractions will result in parent phone calls, disciplinary notes, or detention.

Late homework is NOT accepted in this classroom. Homework/classwork that is not complete on the due date will be given a zero (or, if an attempt is made, partial credit may be given on due date ONLY). Lab reports/projects will be accepted, but a penalty will be imposed (50%). If a student is absent on the day of an exam, quiz, or due date of a project, it is required that student come prepared to present or take assessment on his or her first day back to school.

If a student needs extra assistance on a topic being covered in class, it is that student’s responsibility to schedule after school tutoring sessions with the teacher; please arrange this in advance. I will usually be available from 3-4 pm, at least one day a week. If multiple students are in need of help, a group tutoring session will be announced in advance.

7th grade Science

Text: Prentice Hall Science Explorer Modules

Course Content: 1st module – From Bacteria to Plants. 2nd Module – Human Biology. Testing, presentation methods and homework assignments, including workbook and outlining, may vary by class depending upon progress.

Lab Activities: A variety of activities are planned, including use of the microscope, classification and identification, along with others related to the study of the human body.

8th grade Science

Text: Prentice Hall Science Explorer Modules

Course Content: 1st/2nd Modules – Chemical Building Blocks and Chemical Interactions. Most students should be well prepared for high school chemistry. Second semester we will study Physics. Testing, presentation methods and homework assignments, including workbook and outlining, may vary by class depending upon progress.

Lab Activities: A variety of activities are planned including metric measurements, determining pH, balancing equations, use of microscope, and others, as time allows.

  1. 3 ring binder (Science only- tabs for Bellwork, Notes, Classwork/Homework, Assessments)
  2. Composition notebook (Science only- VOCABULARY)
  3. Pencils, blue/black ink pens, red pen for grading
  4. Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  5. Calculator (basic is fine)
  6. Loose leaf notebook paper
  7. Assignment notebook/student planner
  8. Text and workbook

Tests (including quizzes and projects)

  • Students will not be allowed to retest due to an unsatisfactory score. Students are encouraged to keep up with their class work and all papers and to study class material frequently.
  • Tests on which a student has scored a D or below will be sent home in the Tuesday Folder. These should be signed by the parent/guardian and returned the following day.
  • If you would like to see a particular test, please let me know.

Homework & Daily Class work

Students are expected to do all homework when assigned. Credit on homework and class work will be given as follows:

  • Full credit- assignment is complete and fully correct OR assignment is complete and has been corrected during classroom grading
  • Partial credit- assignment is incomplete but presented on due date; effort is lacking (assignment should be at least half-complete in order to receive partial credit)
  • No credit-assignment is not presented when due; less than half of the assignment is complete

Conduct & Effort

A conduct/effort grade will be given each quarter reflecting the student’s demonstration of appropriate behavior, class participation, and readiness for class each day. Satisfactory (S), Not Satisfactory/Needs Improvement (N), Unsatisfactory (U) will be the designations for this grade on the report card.

ABSENCES -Blue Book policies regarding absences will be enforced. Students are responsible for any content presented while absent. TESTS/QUIZZES – If a student is absent on the day of a test or on the due date of a long-range assignment, the student is expected to take the test on the day he/she returns to school. Please send a note to explain extenuating circumstances.

TUESDAY FOLDERS (distributed through Homeroom)- Each Tuesday your student should bring home a TUESDAY FOLDER containing papers from teachers and administration, such as tests, permission slips, etc. Papers from teachers are to be SIGNED AND RETURNED on Wednesday.

EDLINE – I will update at least 2 times/month. Please check frequently to monitor progress.

Email/Parent Notes – I will try to respond to emails in a timely manner, although it may be after school hours before I am able to read or respond. Please consider sending a note to explain any special circumstances that I need to be made aware of immediately.