Reach Alert Notification System

A new notification system is ready for our families to use.

St. Albert has made a special arrangement with Reach Alert to provide an emergency alert system for our school. We are encouraging all of our school family to register for this service – particularly faculty and parents. With Reach Alert, we can immediately advise you of breaking, time sensitive information. If it is snowing and classes are canceled, we will send an alert to your cell phone, home phone, or email within seconds. If there is an emergency at school (power outage, broken water line, or lock-down), we can communicate with you and keep you in the loop. 
You decide how you want to receive your alerts: cell phone text message, voice advisories, and/or email. All you need to do is go to and register for the system. Just follow the prompts and enter St. Albert when asked which network you want to join. Once you begin typing St. Albert, the name will appear in the dropdown listing; simply click on your childs name and continue with the registration. You will be asked for a registration number; simply input your childs lunch account number. The entire process should take about 60 seconds. If you request cell phone text messages, Reach Alert will send your phone a text message with a four digit validation code. Reach Alert is making sure your text message will be successfully delivered. When you receive the four digit number, simply enter this number on the registration screen and then click on the word VALIDATE. The process is very simple.
We will use the system for timely, though not necessarily, emergency messages. We may remind you that tomorrow is picture day, report card day, or that a bus breakdown will delay the arrival of your child after school. We may remind you about PTA meetings and other school activities. If we release students early, we can send a reminder to you. HOWEVER, NONE OF THIS WILL WORK IF YOU DON’T TAKE A MINUTE TO REGISTER.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the customer account people at Reach Alert. Their contact information is listed below.

Ken Weber
COO – Reach Alert
(877) 307-9313