Policy Changes

Policy Changes Regarding Inclement Weather

From the Pastor: Due to the recent and numerous "bad weather days," it has become apparent that clarification and new policies need to be implemented here at St. Albert. To that end, it has been decided that on days when the Archdiocesan Administration closes the Catholic grade schools for inclement weather, our 8:30 morning mass will also be canceled in addition to all Parish/School meetings and Sports activities. With the amount of events that happen on our campus every day, there is too much confusion with folk wondering what is on and what is off. In addition, it taxes our Maintenance crew who work so very diligently to make parking lots and walkways passable. So in the interest and safety of all our parishioners, the new policy will go into effect Monday, January 27, 2014. Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation. s//Fr. Wayne

If there are any questions or concerns with this policy please contact Larry Brunner at 425-3940 ext.102 or lbrunner@stalbert.org