Playground Rules and Guidelines

The children are out on the playground 1 or 2 grades at a time for a 15 minute recess period. The recesses are staggered so the overlap of grades out on the playground at one time is short. There will always be a teacher’s aide to assist you or Mr. Muchow. Other staff members will be monitoring the playground as well. You are welcome to bring a whistle to use while proctoring. Please use it sparingly so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.


Proctor hours are from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.For security reasons, please check in at the office prior to11:00 a.m. to sign in and get a keycard pass. Once on the playground, please let the teacher’s aide or Mr. Muchow know you will be the proctor for the day and ask if there are any special areas to be watched on/around the playground.

For indoor recess (generally if raining or cold temperatures), recess proctoring will begin in the 7th and 8th grade classrooms (after reporting to office and getting a keycard).A schedule for indoor recess will be available when you sign in. Mr. Muchow or the teacher’s aide will be there to let you know where you will be needed. It is just as important to report for your scheduled proctor day when the children will be inside. Teachers will have indoor recess rules posted for students to follow and for your information. Please do not assume that you are not needed on inclement weather days…you are!


A large container filled with balls is available for the children to play with. Additionally, there are individual jump ropes and tether balls. Proper use of equipment is expected.

Playground rules/areas to watch for:

Note:The following is not a complete list as it is difficult to state every rule to follow and enforce. Please use your best judgment and mom/dad skills as well.

Each grade level has a designated area in which to play. Proctors will discuss with teacher’s aides and Mr. Muchow which areas they will supervise as the grades children come out for recess.

  • Children do not go near the fences and should keep moving when walking the track. Children must ask for permission to walk the track so a proctor is aware they are there and can keep an eye on them.
  • No playing in-between Hendricks Hall and Willett Hall.
  • Children should play with their own grade level.
  • No wrapping jump ropes around body or any equipment – keep ropes on the paved areas, not on the field. No football allowed.
  • Slide down feet first, no climbing up slides.
  • No climbing on top of tunnel or slide top.
  • 4 children maximum on bouncer.
  • 2 children maximum on the red rope climbing section (this is designed for them to climb up and over, then down).