Parish Pastoral Council Plan shared with the Parish

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September 2012

Dear St. Albert the Great parishioners,

The purpose of this letter is to update you on the efforts of the St. Albert Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) in developing our new Pastoral Plan.

The plan development began with the survey that you completed in 2011.  Again, thank you to the over 34% of our parish who responded to the survey.  We felt that was a very strong percentage to give us a true and honest assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and desires of the parish as we go forward in continuing to serve you and the mission of this vibrant parish.  Much of the 2011-12 PPC efforts were spent studying the almost 550 returned surveys, sifting through them and then determining and writing a St. Albert Pastoral Plan that would encompass the needs and desires of the parish.

Our Mission statement has not changed, and continues to guide the Pastoral Plan:

St. Albert the Great is a Roman Catholic community open to all believers and dedicated
to the saving mission of knowing, loving, and serving our Lord Jesus Christ.
We strive to follow the will of God by answering the Gospel call to both holiness
and action through the sacramental life of the Church and in selfless, compassionate
service to those in need.

The Pastoral Plan has 4 goals that contain a total of 11 objectives addressing most aspects of parish faith, formation, and life.  A copy of the Plan is attached to this letter, and will be posted to the St. Albert website, along with a link to the Archdiocese Strategic Plan.  The PPC will now focus on developing action steps needed to achieve these goals and shepherding progress of each action step.

Developing action steps is the most difficult, but rewarding, part of the planning process.  We ask each of you to assess and consider your own skill set and give serious thought to volunteering to help in development or implementation by giving of your time and talent.  Many of our existing Parish committees and staff will play a critical role in this development and implementation effort as well.  We hope you will join this effort.  If you feel you have the gifts, desire and calling to help on any of these objectives or simply have a question please contact our PPC Chairperson, Lee Ann Spinetto at or 471-9626.

We hope that this letter was helpful in communicating to you our future goals and objectives in continuing the mission of this very blessed parish.  We also ask for your prayers in achieving these. Thank you for your time and for all that you do to serve this wonderful community.

Yours in Christ,


The St. Albert Parish Pastoral Council and Fr. Wayne Jenkins


  1. Albert Pastoral Plan

Goal 1: To identify, claim, and celebrate our vibrant Catholic Faith

Objective 1A:   Music Ministry – Create a parish-wide desire to praise the Lord through voice and instrument by connecting worship and uplifting sacred music.

Objective 1B:   Spiritual Growth – Enhance our appreciation and understanding of the power of prayer through spiritual growth experiences.

Goal 2: Create an inclusive parish culture devoted to service and compassion

Objective 2A:   Social Justice – Continue to improve parish efforts in regards to the charitable aspects of social justice and grow the awareness of Catholic social teachings thatleads to advocacy and participation.

Objective 2B:   Stewardship – Strengthen efforts to invite, welcome, and embrace stewardship intentions into the life of our parish.

Objective 2C:   Stewardship – Foster a stewardship culture of generosity based on personal faith and giftedness.

Goal 3: Promote and encourage the value of Catholic formation and education to guide us in living the gospel

Objective 3A:   Youth Involvement – Create a sustaining, energetic ministry where youth connect with themselves, their community, and most importantly God.

Objective 3B:   Athletic Ministry – Create an athletic culture that is focused on Christian principles at the coach, player, and spectator level while maintaining a healthy and competitive environment.

Objective 3C:   Spiritual Growth – Increase spiritual growth opportunities and programs for adults to grow and learn in their faith.

Objective 3D:   Vocations Ministry – Encourage the faithful, young and old, to serve God and neighbor through ordained, consecrated and lay ministry.

Goal 4: Strengthen Parish community by improving information sharing and by providing an appealing campus environment

Objective 4A:   Communications – Develop communication procedures that facilitate publicly accessible information about parish committees and activities to increase parishioner participation and ministry effectiveness.

Objective 4B:   Campus Facilities – Develop and begin implementation of a plan that meets the short and long-term physical needs of the parish campus, including athletic facilities, meeting space, etc.