The PTO is now accepting your nominations for the following positions on the PTO Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year!

We currently have one Executive Board position open for nominations:  Vice President has a three (3) year term and requires one (1) prior year of service on St. Albert’s PTO.   As a parent at the school, you are automatically a PTO member so as long as you have been in the school for a year, you are eligible to run for office.  If you are a current Standing Committee chair we encourage you to run for office and please know that we will help find another chair for your committee if desired.

The positions of Past President (Laura Nash) and President (Chris Wahl) are closed as they are multi-year terms.

All nominees should show a strong commitment to the purpose of the PTO. You may nominate yourself or someone you think will honorably represent the position.

Please send in your nominations by February 15, 2019 to  All nominations and qualifications will be reviewed  by the

PTO Elections Committee, and final voting will take place at the PTO meeting on February 21,2019.

PTO Elections Committee:

Ann Sherman, 502-727-5900

Beth Spalding, 502-767-6394

Chris Wahl, 502-593-8664


List of Current Committees

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