New Website Launch

The new St. Albert website launch happened in the wee hours of Thursday morning. After months of work, this newly refurbished site will bring a fresh, current look to our Parish family.


Our new website is going to be an effective, complete means of communication inside and outside of our Parish.  This new, inviting site will welcome those who might be in search of a parish family and/or schoo, as well as will help keep our parish family informed in an effective manner.

To sign up to receive certain communications, viewers can customize their email and newsletters by “Joining Our Newsletter”.  On this page, a parent or parishioner, can easily select the items that wish to receive emails or newsletters regarding, while deselecting those they do not wish to receive.  This will be especially important for grade level events and emails.

Our calendar of events is fully customizable and you can view the calendar in its entirety, or you can filter the calendar view by selecting categories that run across the top of the page.

Special thanks to CazWeb for hosting and assisting with our former site and email, the PTO who purchased the design and software for our current site, and to Metromojo for designing and hosting our new site.

Keep watching for more things to come as this site grows into a tool everyone can rely on for the latest news and information.