Lunch with Eighth Grade Girls

Stacie Short would like to share a weekly lunch with our eighth grade girls

As we all know growing up is difficult. Now imagine what it would be like to grow up today. There is so much information available to our teens at their fingertips. How are they processing all of this information they get from the internet, television, Facebook, texting, etc? Who are they talking to about these things? Are they getting the right answers? I would like to think they are talking to their parents. Unfortunately, I know that many are not asking or they are being misinformed by their friends.

In an effort to help girls gain important information I am offering a lunch group every Thursday for 8th grade girls only. This opportunity will allow the girls to come together and talk about things that are on their minds or issues that girls might face in their life. I will have topics that we can discuss but it will also be an opportunity for them to ask questions, discuss problems, and build relationships through common experiences.

All 8th grade girls are invited to attend. We will meet each Thursday in Mrs. Coomes’ room. Anyone that will be attending must bring their lunch and a drink. No one will be allowed to go to the cafeteria so that we can have time to discuss our topic of conversation.   When the rest of the class leaves for lunch the girls who want to participate will then go to Mrs. Coomes’ room for their lunch time.

A parent permission slip must be on file for the student to attend. You can find the form on my webpage or click on the link below. Please complete it and then return it to me before September 15. If you have any questions please email me at

Stacie Short, School Counselor