Welcome to Kindergarten C

Teacher: Martha Troncone     mtroncone@stalbert.org

Assistant:  Missy Gootee   mgootee@stalbert.org


August 29, 2014

We work daily on being prayerful and thankful.  In our Religion book we continue to discuss God’s gifts.  When it is time for prayers, we practice being reverent.  Please continue to practice the Sign of the Cross and Grace with your child. Your child will be assessed on the Sign of the Cross. We continue to stress good manners and how to treat others.

In your child’s folder you will find a yes/no slip from Highlights magazine.  We are able to get added materials for the classroom based on the number of slips returned not on the number yes slips.  You do not need to fill the slip out if you aren’t interested in the Highlight magazine; it only needs the no checked and your signature.  We are able to replenish our sticker supply if everyone returns their slip.  Thank you for your help.

We have started our work on the high-frequency, color and number words.    We play a little game each day with these words.  Any extra practice with these words would benefit your child.   They will be assessed on these words at the end of the first quarter.  I will send out the list next week so you can practice at home.

KC is a great group of students.  They are eager to learn but have been having some difficulty remembering the rules of a good listener:

  • Lips Closed
  • Feet Still
  • Hands Quiet
  • Eyes Watching
  • Ears Listening

Some children have needed more reminders than should be necessary. Please practice these skills at home.  I will begin sending student code of conduct notes home if necessary.  It is important to learn the difference between social time and learning time.  I want everyone to be successful and good listening skills are vital to their learning.

We have also had a few children confused this week when they arrived in the morning and unpacked their folders.  They found the same papers that they had packed the afternoon before.  They do not know what to do.  Please take a few minutes to empty folders and back packs daily.  This is also a good way to know the skills we are currently learning.

Your child is encouraged to always try their best and to give effort in everything they do.  We talk in the classroom that there is no “can’t”, we try everything and sometimes we need to try more than once.  If your child becomes tired while working on homework, a break may be necessary but they need to complete the work themselves including writing their own names.  Please do not print or color for your child.

Have a great week!


Due Wednesday, September 3rd – “All about Me” This completed paper will be given to your child’s Big Buddy when they come to visit.   They should draw the responses to each section.  In the first area it is asking for things I like…so there should be at least two or more things drawn.  Your child can use their “best guess” spelling to label the drawn pictures (no photographs please). The children should always draw with their pencils first and then color. The rest of the paper should be colored with crayons or colored pencils.

1st Quarter Sight Words

2nd Quarter Sight Words

3rd Quarter Sight Words

4th Quarter Sight Words