Hoops for Heart

2 on 2 Basketball Tournament – Hoops for Heart




It is a 2 on 2 Basketball Tournament, using a single elimination format. Boys and girls will participate separately.

Whichever occurs first, first team to score 5 baskets or 5 minute time limit will end the game.

In the event of a tie, sudden death will occur. As with the start of the game, a toss of a coin or other method will determine first possession.

In the event that a teammate cannot participate, that team will be forced to forfeit.

The last two teams will play a championship game on February 14th in front of the student body and guests in the Hendricks Hall.

The cost to join is a $5 donation from each participant that will be given to the American Heart Association.

The date of the tournament is scheduled for Jan 17th through the 19th. In the event of inclement weather, alternate dates are shown.

6th Grade boys/girls                           7th Grade boys/girls                           8th Grade boys/girls
Jan 17th   3-6 pm                                    Jan 18th   3-6 pm                                Jan 19th 3-6 pm

Alternate date                                       Alternate date                                       Alternate date
Jan 24th 3-6 pm                                     Jan 25th 3-6 pm                                     Jan 26th 3-6 pm

Submit an envelope with a note indicating you and your partner with a $10 donation by the end of Jan 13th. No other participants will be accepted after the end of the school day. A blind draw will occur and results will not be shared until the time of the event.