Welcome to First Grade – 1B


Teacher:  Mary Borho   mborho@stalbert.org
Assistant Teacher: Jenny Mefford jmefford@stalbert.org

Week 38, June 2-6, 2014: Our school year is coming to an end.  What a great day the children had bowling at Ten Pins & then enjoying our First Grade Picnic.  I loved watching all the laughter & excitement as the children watched their pins fall!  We lucked out with perfect weather for our picnic  & ended up with some surprise entertainment when one of the intermediate Science classes fired off their rockets in the field.

Our week ahead begins with Field Day on Mon. morning.  In the afternoon we’ll cool off & relax with a movie and popcorn after lunch.  During the week, we’ll be doing a project for our  Soc. St. unit on Letter Writing & finishing up with a few fun pgs. for our Memory Books, Me in 8th. Gr. & Me at 17. We will have  a class Spelling Bee & a class Math Bee. The children will start bringing things home for the summer a little each day and will attend an Awards Day Thurs. morning in Church.  Thurs. dismissal will be at 11:30. 

I am amazed each year at how much growth the children experience during the school year.  This year’s group has grown both physically & academically so much.  I have enjoyed watching them gain confidence as the year has progressed.  I want to thank the parents for all of your support throughout the year.  We included several inserts with the Report Cards that give you suggestions for keeping your children involved academically over the summer.  I want to wish everyone a happy, safe Summer!

Our First Grade Handbook is available here, it is a wonderful reference guide with helpful information.

Our First Grade homework page

Updates and Announcements

Book Orders
We will be sending home book offers throughout the school year for your child. If you are interested in purchasing some books, make your checks payable to the correct company, ie Scholastic. If you are ordering books from different companies, you need to have separate checks for each. Due dates will be on the order forms.

ABC Order 2 Players
Begin with 20 cards, face down. Each person chooses 3 cards keeping them face down. Say “go”, turn cards over and place in ABC order. First player to finish correctly wins and gets to keep those cards. Unclaimed cards are returned and mixed up for next try. Increase to 5 cards and increase total to 30 as words increase in the box. 

Make category cards(ex.: Person, Place, Animal, Thing, Telling Word, Describing Words (adjectives,adverbs).

Choose cards for these categories from the Word Box and make a deck, then pick 1 card at a time and place under the correct category card. 

Set up word cards like a Bingo card, use buttons or pennies for covers. Call out words from the Word Lists in random order until “Bingo” is called. Decide before each game which column or diagonal is to be covered. 

Child will clap out syllables of words or can play having child clap when the parent says the correct beginning sound. Ex. Say : “bug”   then say “s,b”. 

Pull Out
Pull out words from the box and have the child quickly say the word.
You can also ask the student to use the word in a sentence. 

Concentration 2 players
Choose 4 pairs of words with the same beginning sound and 1 non-matching card (ex.:2 c, 2 d, 2 h, 2 s, 1 k word cards). Lay down cards in a 3 x 3 grid. Turn over 2 cards at a time, if cards match, player keeps cards, if not turn back over and continue play. 

**Use the same game for ending sounds, matching words with the same vowel sounds or naming words(nouns), matching 2 persons, places or things. 


We will be using the Cootie Bug Game to encourage correct behavior and also to have some fun. We will have 8 prize periods: Aug./Sept., Oct., Nov./Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr. and May. The children will choose from parties that each teacher has decided for her class. The table with the most points for the prize period decides which type party the class will have. In case of a tie with the teams, they will vote.

The class will be divided into 4 teams. The teams will change throughout the year. During the day bug parts will be awarded for good behavior or taken out for incorrect behavior. A chart will be used to keep a tally for each team’s progress. At the end of the week a stamp or sticker will be placed on the Rewards Page in each child’s Memory Book if their team has gotten their bug together 3 out of 5 days that week. We hope that the children will enjoy this game and learn good behavior in the process.

Note: Teachers will reply with an email, note or phone call within 48 hours of receiving your email.