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Our 5th Grade Handbook is a valuable resource for students and parents.
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Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever-Ghandi


Please be sure to check your child’s grades on Rediker frequently. The grades are updated weekly if not more frequently. Since parents/students have access to the grades at all times, we assume you are aware of your child’s progress. If you are new or have lost your login information, please contact the school office. If you have any questions concerning grades, please contact the appropriate teacher immediately.

Please remember that students will receive 80% credit on assignments turned in one day late when the work is collected for the teacher to grade. If it is more than one day late, then the grade will be a zero. If an assignment is graded in class, a student will receive a grade for any portion completed. If none is complete, then a zero will be given.

We make every possible attempt to update this website daily. We try to update by 4:00 P.M. but sometimes things keep us busy throughout the day and/or we have meetings after school which does not allow us to update it until later in the afternoon or evening. Please make your children aware that they are responsible for writing down their homework each day in his/her assignment book. Our homework is always written on the boards in our individual classrooms and time is given each period to accomplish that. Thanks!

Please refer to the 5th grade handbook for the make-up work policy. Some missed work must be completed at school and may require that your child stay after school. Parents will be notified of such an instance and arrangements will be made accordingly.

All students are expected to come to school dressed according to the Blue Book Policy. Please refer to the Blue Book if you have any questions or contact the school office. Any student not appropriately dressed or in violation of any policy will be given a uniform infraction. This includes haircuts and socks. One infraction = loss of next nonuniform day. Two infractions= detention.