Leadership & Community Service

St. Albert Student Government

7th – 8TH
Members of our student government body show their interest in the program at the beginning of the year by writing a brief essay and submitting their self-nomination.  Students who meet the criteria are then selected at the opening All-School Liturgy.  Meetings are held monthly and students represent St. Albert through various means – tours, open house, and Catholic School Week liturgy.

House System for 6th, 7th & 8th Grades

Eighth graders are leaders in their house and organize all activities. Houses meet once a month to encourage friendships across the grade levels. More information can be found here. (link to house info from counseling center page)

St Albert Safety Patrol

4th – 8TH
Students can volunteer to keep all our students safe as the official “Safety Patrol” of St. Albert. Responsible students, grades 4th and up, are selected to work our morning and afternoon carpool routines. Safety patrollers direct traffic flow, move cones, and maintain the student barrier.