Welcome to Eighth Grade – 8B

Teacher:  Pam Boone    pboone@stalbert.org   2014-15

Welcome, students and parents. I am Mrs. Boone, the eighth grade language arts teacher. I also teach religion to my homeroom (8B).   I look forward to working with each of you. I am confident that together we can make this year both memorable and successful. Below you will find the policies, procedures and curriculum overviews that pertain to my classes. 

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached:




 Classroom  Rules 

  1. Demonstrate respectful, courteous behavior toward adults and peers.
  2. Treat property with respect.
  3. Follow directions without argument.
  4. Be prepared for class.
  5. Stay on task.
  6. Come with an attitude to learn.

Consequences for Misbehavior 

  • Verbal reminder, when warranted (deliberate disobedience, disrespect, or disruptions are not subject to warnings)
  • Disciplinary slip (student will reflect on misbehavior and parent will sign)
  • Communication with parent through phone or e-mail
  • Student will be referred to Mr. Simms and a School Discipline Form will be issued
Both the severity and the frequency of the misconduct will be considered when determining which of the above consequences most appropriately applies to the behavior in question. 
Homework Policy
Homework  provides an  opportunity to practice and reinforce concepts being taught at school.  Much homework will be checked in class on the due date to provide the student with feedback and to allow for clarification.  Completing, checking, and clarifying contribute to the student’s mastery of concepts.
Late homework assignments given for the purpose of practice or drill will receive 50% credit.
Many assignments other than traditional testing in the classroom will be used to assess a student’s mastery of concepts.  Such assignments include worksheet packets, essays, projects, chapter reviews, creative writing, etc.  These assignments will generally require time at home to complete.  
Late assessments will be subject to a loss of points to be determined by the scope of the assessment and the impact on the total average.
Failure to Turn in Homework
Parents will be alerted to missing assignments through Edline / Rediker.   A zero will be issued until the assignment is received.  Late penalties will apply.  No late penalties will apply to work that is missing due to absence; however, students who are absent must make up work in a reasonable time frame.
Weighting of Grades
In all subjects, assessments count 90% and homework counts 10%. These components will be broken down in the following ways:
English                        Vocabulary                    Literature                              
Tests: 35%                   Tests:  80%                    Tests: 45%                               
Quizzes: 20%               Homework:  10%          Writing / Projects: 45%         
Writing: 35%                Quizzes:  10%                Homework:  10%                                  
Homework:  10%                                                 
Tests:  60%
Class/Homework:  30%
Church History/TOB:  10%
Posting of Assignments 
  1. Students are expected to record assignments in student planners before leaving school.
  2. Assignments are posted daily on St. Albert webpage via the Google calendar / Rediker.
  3. Assignments are listed daily on the homework dry erase board in the classroom.
  4. Students are free to check this board at the end of the day. 
Submitting Written Work
All major papers must be word-processed. Students should plan ahead so that typing and printing do not present last minute difficulties.  Students should arrive in class with the work in hand.  I will accept work electronically via my email.  Students must send the work so that it opens as a word document.
Tuesday Folder
Every Tuesday, a folder will be sent home containing various tests, rubrics, or correspondence. These folders are prepared by homeroom and may contain items from any of your child’s teachers. Parents are asked to sign each item in the folder. The folder and its signed contents are to be returned to the homeroom teacher.  Parents are encouraged to set aside time to review this folder.  Disciplinary consequences will be given to students who do not responsibly return this folder with the signed contents.

 Edline / Rediker

The Edline/Rediker program allows parents and students to check academic averages online. Edline/Rediker will be updated weekly.  Parents are strongly encouraged to keep track of their child’s progress through the use of this tool.

Academic Deficiencies

Both Edline/ Rediker and the Tuesday Folder will be used to keep parents informed about their child’s academic progress.  If a student’s grade falls below passing:  parent will be alerted through email or phone call; a printed academic deficiency will be sent via Tues. folder.  The deficiency must be signed by a parent and returned. 


 Overview of the Language Arts Curriculum for Grade 8

Text: Elements of Language, Second Course: Holt, Rhinehart, and Winston, 2007

Workbook:  Simple Solutions, Bright Ideas Press, 2014

Course Work and Assessment
  1. Grammar: 
  • Students will receive basic grammar instruction in class. Practice exercises will be completed. Follow-up exercises / worksheets will be assigned for homework.  Review exercises / worksheets will be used to assess progress throughout a chapter and count as quiz grades.  Both grammar quizzes and chapter tests will be given. 
  • Grammar, spelling, and writing skills will be reinforced through Simple Solutions.  Individual lessons are assigned as homework and checked in class.  There will be a quiz after the completion of 4 lessons.
  1. Writing 
  1. Essays, reports, and compositions: Students will be guided through the writing process to develop finished pieces of writing. Students will write narrative, expository, persuasive, informative, and creative pieces.
  2. Publishing:  Final drafts must be word processed, printed, and ready on the due date at the start of class.  Electronically submitted essays via my email must be ready to open as a word document.
  3. Finished essays will be rubric graded.  Failure to turn in an essay on the due date will result in loss of points. 

Text: Vocabulary Workshop, Level D: Sadlier-Oxford, 2012
Students have been issued a consumable text. They are responsible for keeping track of the book’s whereabouts.

Course Work and Assessment

  1. The Vocabulary component of the Language Arts curriculum is taught within the English class period.
  2. Students will be introduced to a list of words and definitions. Practice exercises will be assigned. Exercises will be checked in class.
  3. Students will read one short work of nonfiction per unit that uses the assigned vocabulary.  Quizzes will be administered on these readings.
  4. Unit tests and cumulative tests will be given



Text: Common Core Literature Grade 8:  Pearson, 2015
Course Work and Assessment
A. Text
Each unit of study is aligned with the Common Core standards.  Collections of literary works (both fiction and non-fiction) revolve around a central theme.  Students will be asked to read, discuss, research, and write in every unit.  Workbook pages are used to reinforce skills.  Assessments include:  tests, writing, and projects.

B. Class Novels
In addition to the text, class novels will be used to supplement the literature program.  Class sets are available for classroom use.  Class activities will develop vocabulary, comprehension, and understanding of literary elements.  Students are assessed through quizzes, tests, and projects.  This year’s novels include:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (play adaptation)

A class field trip to Actor’s Theatre of Louisville to see A Christmas Carol will take place in December.

C. Independent reading

  • Students were expected to read two books from the summer reading list before the start of school.  Assessments on these works will be assigned during the first quarter.
  • Accelerated Reading (AR) will be used to encourage independent reading.  Progress toward the AR goal for the quarter will count as one test grade.


Overview of 8B Religion Curriculum

Confirmation Text:Confirmed in the Spirit:  Loyola Press, 2014


  1. To prepare students for Confirmation
  2. To teach students about Catholic identity and practices
  3. To foster spirituality through prayer, liturgy, and Scripture
  4. To engage students in service to home, school, and community
  5. To instill values consistent with Christian beliefs

Assessments include tests, quizzes, projects, and written reflections.

Church History and Theology of the Body
During the first semester, students will receive instruction in Church History once a week. Ms. Tutt will teach this component.

During the second semester, students will receive instruction from the Theology of the Body program.  Ms. Tutt will teach this component.