Chess Club Registration

Chess Club
Chess Club Registration now open. CLICK here for registration form and detailed information.

First meeting starts after school on Wednesday, September 12th.  We have lots of exciting things going on in Chess this year.  We have tournaments that all kids can participate, exciting new scoring system that allows students to progress along squares on the chess board, and T-shirts!

Kindergarteners and First graders will be picked up from their classrooms at the end of school and escorted to the Library.  2nd – 8th graders will be excused to the Library at the end of the day.  Chess Club kids can be picked up promptly at 4pm by the Library door entrance of the South parking lot.

This year we are requesting volunteer sign up at time of registration.  Please complete the form, include volunteer date, and check payable to “Chess Performance”.  Registration can be sent by KidMail to Vilma Chun, via Ainslie Chun, 2C Ms. Finley.

If you have any questions, please contact Vilma at