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May Lunch Menu

May Cafeteria Workers

EZpay_hires-300x194Welcome to our Cafeteria! Our meals meet federal nutritional standards and provide healthy, well-balanced, nutrition that students need to succeed in school.  School meals offer students milk, fruits and vegetables, proteins and grains, and they must meet strict limits on saturated fat and portion size.  Starting 2012-2013, school lunches will meet additional standards requiring:

  • Age appropriate calorie counts
  • Larger servings of vegetables/fruits with a wider variety available
  • Fat free or 1% milk
  • More whole grains and less sodium

In addition, all a la carte items are low sugar, baked or whole grain products.  We are always working to offer St. Albert students healthier, tastier choices.

Lunch Fees

Our daily lunch is $2.65.  A la carte drink options include Milk ($0.50), 100% Juice ($0.75) and Bottled Water ($1.00).  In addition to the menu, we offer daily options of:
Salad Bar (with healthy choices for toppings)
Uncrustable Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich
Grilled Cheese

Our students have the opportunity to purchase extras as a part of their lunch.  Here are the current options that we offer daily:

Baked Chips $0.60 Big Cookie $0.60
Extra Fries $0.60 Ice cream/Popsicles $0.60
Water $1.00 Extra Entree $1.75

Our Lunch Schedule:

7th and 8th Grade 7th -11:15 8th – 11:00 Kindergarten 11:45
4th Grade 10:50 3rd Grade 12:00
1st Grade 11:25 2nd Grade 12:10
5th Grade 11:35 6th Grade 12:20

Cafeteria Volunteers

The cafeteria is always looking for volunteers to help in the kitchen.
For volunteer information call Mindy Koeberlein 326-0838 or email

We do not have the capability to send you a listing of the meals that your student orders. If you would like more general information about your cafeteria account, you can send me an email and I can print out the account. The account lists general categories for example: entree instead of chicken fingers, but it will help you keep track of purchases.