Tuition Rates & Assistance



St. Albert the Great is a tuition school. A 1% discount is offered to those families with students in grades JK – 8th.  In order to be eligible for this discount the family must complete the FACTS enrollment process by selecting the “one time payment plan” for paying the full years tuition amount for the upcoming school year.  This must be completed by June 1st with the payment drafting on July 1st.  Otherwise, tuition is paid monthly (August-May) and due on or before the first of each month. All school families are required to keep the tuition and all other school related fees and charges current. One parent will be responsible for tuition, Play Café, and all fees. Parents living in 2 separate households will not be billed separately. School payments cannot be, and will not be carried over from year to year. St. Albert the Great reserves the right to change the due date of tuition payments and method by which payments are to be paid.

Parish Family Tuition:

Parish families are defined as those families who regularly contribute time, talent and treasure in support of the ongoing formation and mission of the community of St. Albert the Great. These families consist of at least one adult who is a practicing Catholic and registered member at St. Albert the Great. Parish Families are required to complete and return an annual Stewardship Renewal form in order to qualify for Parish Family Tuition in addition to regularly supporting the other ministries of the St. Albert the Great Catholic Community. If a completed Stewardship Renewal form is not returned by the assigned annual due date, families will be charged the Non-Parishioner Tuition Rate. 

Non-Parish Tuition:

All families who do not fit the definition above of a Parish Family are required to pay the
Non-parishioner Per Child Tuition.

2020 – 2021 JK-8 Tuition Rates:

Parish Family with one Student – $6,760

Parish Family with Two Students – $9,720

Parish Family with Three or More Students – $11,550

Non-Parish Family – $9,480 per Student

2020 – 2021 Preschool Tuition Rates:

Full Day – $6,300

Half Day – $3,900

Tuition includes all fees for books, technology, and materials, except:

Application Fee- $100 Per Child (holds your child’s place in line)

Rest Mat (Full day preschool)- $15 Per Child

Sacramental Fee* (Grades 1,2,8)- $35/child-1st, $65/child-2nd, $120/child-8th

Snack Fee*- $172/child-Preschool-1st, $129.50/child-2nd

FACTS Management Fee- $55 for families paying monthly, $25 for families paying one time

*These fees have not been determined for the 2021-2022 school year. The rates listed above are for the 2020-2021 school year.

Tuition Assistance (K-8)

Catholic schools offer a wide range of tuition assistance options. Tuition assistance is available from:
Archdiocese of Louisville
Catholic Education Foundation

Last year, more than $9.7 million was given to Catholic school students who could not afford the full cost of tuition. St. Albert families received over $175,000 in aid last year from the Catholic Education Foundation, their funding partners, and St. Albert the Great.

All tuition assistance, applications, and procedures are handled with one form, the FACTS application, that is obtained by going to after December 15, 2020. Even if you have students in more than one Catholic school, you can apply for all of your children on one FACTS form. The application period for submitting the FACTS form for the 2021-2022 school year is December 15, 2020 – February 28, 2021.

FACTS Management is an independent, third-party service that provides reasonable assessments of the ability of families to pay tuition at private and parochial schools.

Copies of the FACTS analysis and forms are shared only with the contracting parish, school or agency; no one else will receive this information. Final decisions about tuition assistance will be communicated to you from your school or from the Catholic Education Foundation.

Parish membership is not required in order to receive tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is available for current school families and families applying to a Catholic School with children in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Preschool & Junior Kindergarten students are not eligible.