Sycamore is the student management system used by St. Albert the Great Parish School.  It is where we keep all of our student data, including attendance information and grades.  Sycamore is intended to be a “one-stop-shop” for all academic information that parents need for school.

1. Parent Access to Sycamore

As a parent, your main point of access is through the Sycamore Website:

  • Messages were sent out at the beginning of the school year. If you did not get an email from ‘Sycamore School’ with login information and a temporary password please check your spam. Otherwise, submit a support ticket. 
  • A Major difference between Sycamore and our previous system is: Parents don’t have individual logins, families have a login. So you do not use your email address to login but you use your family code. So Mom and Dad will share the same login information.
    • If parents are separated (i.e. divorced) the system doesn’t know this for all families and will assume you are using one login. We can give each parent a different login. Let us know.
  • We also sent out a few text messages earlier today testing our new alert system. If you did not get these let us know because it means that we do not have your number.

Mobile App

2. St. Albert Google accounts for students

This year, each student at St. Albert the Great Parish School has been issued a St. Albert Google account.  This account has a limited-use email address associated with it, meaning that it can only be used to exchange emails with other St. Albert students, faculty, and staff — it cannot be used for general internet email.

Students login to their St. Albert Google account by visiting on any internet-connected device and logging in with their email address and password.

  1. Student email addresses are of the form:

    Note the full/complete first name, the “.” between the first and last names, and the XX, which is the last two digits of the student’s 8th grade graduation year.

    For example, if Luke Skywalker is in the 6th grade (i.e., the class of 2021), Luke’s email address is  Han Solo is in 2nd grade (i.e., class of 2025); his email address is

    Note that email addresses are not case sensitive — you can use “” or “”; either will work fine.

  2. Each student has been assigned an initial password that is usually ‘password’.  Common problems:
    • Ensure to use the full “” suffix in the email address.
    • Ensure to use the student’s full first name that is on file with the school.  For example, use “William,” not “Bill,”, and “Margaret,” not “Maggie.”

If your student still has problems logging in with their St. Albert Google account, submit a ticket on FreshDesk (see below for details about FreshDesk).

3. Student access to Sycamore

Students use the same login link as parents: 

Students use the ‘Login with Google’ button and use their school credentials. 

4. FreshDesk

FreshDesk is St. Albert’s new technical help web site:  If you have any questions or problems with St. Albert technology systems, FreshDesk should be your first destination.

St. Albert’s FreshDesk site contains two main areas:

  1. A knowledge base, containing answers to frequently-asked-questions about St. Albert technology systems, solutions to common problems, etc.  There are only a few items in the knowledge base so far; we will continue filling out this content over the coming weeks and months.
  2. A ticket system for you to submit questions and get help with St. Albert technology systems.

Note that you can submit a ticket through FreshDesk with any valid email address.  If you wish to track the status your tickets, you can login to FreshDesk with a Google account via the “login” link in the upper right corner.  Any Google account can be used to login — including regular Gmail accounts and St. Albert student Google accounts.

If you have a non-Google email address (e.g.,, you can register your email address with Google at  After registering your email address with Google, you can use it to login to FreshDesk.

2020-2021 Class Graduation Years

  • 8th Grade — Class of 2021
  • 7th Grade — Class of 2022
  • 6th Grade — Class of 2023
  • 5th Grade — Class of 2024
  • 4th Grade — Class of 2025
  • 3rd Grade — Class of 2026
  • 2nd Grade — Class of 2027
  • 1st Grade — Class of 2028
  • Kindergarten — Class of 2029
  • Preschool 4’s — Class of 2030
  • Preschool 3’s — Class of 2031