Quick Facts

Elementary and middle school years lay the foundation for future success. Selecting the right school is important. St. Albert the Great has everything today’s youth needs to prepare for high school and beyond.

St. Albert the Great Viking Class of 2015

27% tested out of Spanish 1 and entered high school in Spanish 2 or 3
22% received Awards/scholarships for scoring 95% or higher on the
High School Placement Test
Terra Nova Median Percentile scores (K-7) are 20-35 points above the
Median National Percentile (50%)
Maximum Class size 27 students

2004 & 2015 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

State Approved Full Curriculum
Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools and the Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission
Full and Half Day Preschool and Full Day Kindergarten
Algebra I Program
High School Spanish for 7th & 8th Grade
“One to one” Chromebook-based laptop program for the 6th-8th grade initiated in 2015
Google technology integrated in grade 3-8 curricula
Reading Recovery K-2nd Grade
Music, Art, Spanish, Technology and Physical Education
Discipline With Purpose
Full-Time Counseling Center

Faith Formation

Weekly All School Liturgy
Sacramental Preparation
Choir and Handbell Choirs
Altar Servers, Lectors, Cantors
Daily Catholic Religious Instruction
Project Wisdom & Anti-Bullying Program
Positive Approach to Discipline, Stressing Christian Values
Uniform Code and Modest Dress Policy