About St. Albert


Welcome to St. Albert the Great Parish School.  We are very proud of the academic excellence provided by the professional faculty and staff.  Our loving, nurturing, Christian environment provides a feeling of family as our students grow both academically and socially.

Mission Statement

The mission of St Albert the Great School, as a vital ministry of this parish community, is to prepare students to be socially responsible people with strong Catholic beliefs, practices, traditions and values, to guide students to respect diversity, and to challenge them to excel academically and grow spiritually.


St. Albertus Magnus or Albert the Great, (1206-1280) dedicated his life to education and service. As both a theologian and scientist, he wasn’t afraid to think out of the box. He believed that teachers and students are bound to one another in a sacred trust that goes beyond papers and exams. Without students, I am not a teacher. Therefore, students and teachers must thank God each day for each other, because each pushes the other forward.

His legacy continues today at St. Albert the Great School. Opened in 1960, the school has a long tradition of preparing students both academically and spiritually for high school, college and beyond. With 620 students enrolled and 1,500 parish families, St. Albert is a vibrant Catholic community dedicated to the education of our children.